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March 2009

Tough Economy ~ Tough Times

Make Job Search a Positive Experience

In this tough economy, one doesn't have to look far to find someone who has been down sized. With their job position eliminated, they suddenly find themselves looking for a place that will provide financial security. A place that will appreciate their experience and utilize their skill set. In fact, everyone that reads this blog, either has a close friend, family member or relative that has lost their job, or has a neighbor or someone that they know, who has someone close to them in that position.

The majority of jobs landed in today's economy are landed by a connection. Either somebody knows somebody, or somebody knows somebody that knows somebody. Networking is today's means of landing that special job. This puts a positive spin on the act of Job Search. Networking has you remembering people and organizations that you've come in contact with over the years. Some are people that you have lost contact with, some since early childhood. As you are forced to turn back to the basics in life, you realize a few things. You realize that you can live without certain things that you just thought that you absolutely couldn't live without. At the same time, you find that you are reaching out to people that you haven't had contact with in many years.

Whether you currently have a job or are in job search, you should be networking with everyone you know. Strengthen those relationships, new and old. Make an attempt to connect to those that have been lost over time.

People are connecting through blogs and sites like Facebook. But, a web site that connects people professionally, that I personally recommend, is LinkedIn. http://www.linkedin.com/home?trk=hb_home This site, if you are not already familiar with it, was designed by the same folks that set up PayPal. They are very sensitive to security.

As a suggestion, keep your blogs and Facebook type connections for your private connections and use LinkedIn professionally.

Connecting with someone might just land that job that you want or it could really help land a job for someone that you know. It could also get you in the door of a company not currently hiring, or perhaps get you the job that you've always wanted. If you are currently in job search, think about what you really want to be when you grow up. Go for it. Now would be a good time to think about scheduling a little additional training if you are not already qualified for that job. Look around you. There are lots of resources that are providing free training or training and instructional sessions at minimal cost. Turn this uncomfortable turn of events into a positive experience.

I know this because I'm currently in job search. I encourage you to be LinkedIn. Once I land a job, I'll be back with additional travel information and with a little more regularity.

Remember this: When a door closes, God will open another one for you. If you are not the one in job search, you might just be the one that He needs to open that door for someone.

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