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Are American Travelers Just Too Patient?

In our recent visit to Italy, as wonderful as it was, one thing that our group of travelers had to learn, at times, was impatience.
We purchased a few books while planning our journey and had learned a few basic words and phrases, along with a few etiquette topics, so as to not offend the country that we were about to visit. Nothing had fully prepared us for what we had experienced. It seems that at times and in most places where we traveled throughout the country, a key action of survivability in large the masses of people, was to push, shove, elbow, knee, jab, smile and verbalize our newly learned phrase, 'scuze! (skoo-zee).
We soon came to realize that it wasn't just the Italians, but was comprised mainly of Europeans. After all, it was tourist season, and we, along with many others, were tourists, mainly in tourist spots. I'll reserve revealing who the worst nationality seemed to be. If you've been to Europe, then you will certainly know the nationality that I'm referring to. Somehow, I don't feel that they will ever change. If you haven't yet been there, but plan to visit, you will learn about them very early in your journey.
After a bit of reflection, we soon realized that most every Italian citizen that we had personal contact with, was extremely nice to us, showed very little impatience, was rather comfortable in their ways and were quite easy going.
I must admit, after traveling in that environment after a short period of time, I soon found myself attempting to make the adjustment to my surroundings. My thoughts quickly turned back to an early high school class that I took in basic psychology where we learned a very important fact. You are your environment.
So then, are we to surmise that Americans are just too patient, just far too nice? When traveling abroad, that we need to quickly adapt to our new environment and resort to those ways, much like that of the sharks' feeding frenzy? Or should we simply smile, step aside, allow that moment to pass, and set an example for those that we have the fortune to come in contact with? Should we continue to show why it's great to be an American?
Sometimes, the easier road to travel is not the wisest.

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Introduction Blog


I'm not sure where I want to go with this. My love for travel has given me the urge to share my experiences with other people. Not just where I've been, but things that may make travel easier, or a bit more enjoyable. Oh yea, maybe a few hints that will add more value for the money spent.

I'll probably end up sharing news items and information related to the cruise industry, adding my personal comments to give you my prespective, of course.

The first photo that I will share is one of an active volcano in the Mediterranean that we sailed close to. We took a recent Carnival cruise and this was a bonus that we hadn't counted on seeing. The volcano is named Stromboli, is just North of Sicily, Italy and believe it or not, is inhabited by a small group of folks living at the waters edge just about centered in the photo.


I will probably start the blogging a little infrequently, but as time allows, I intend to pick up the pace to at least two to three times a week. Please mark it and check back often I hope to provide you with something helpful, a reflection of a trip that you once took or a dream, allowing you to escape if only for a second.

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