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Cruise Ship Personnel Took His Power Strip?

You may have heard of the cruise lines confiscating booze from those attempting to smuggle spirits onboard. But, what about power strips? #headscratch

I've been on several cruises to date and on four different cruise lines. After the first cruise, I quickly learned the value of having additional power outlets in the cabin aboard. This has become even more valuable today than it was in the year 2000 when I took to the seas as a cruise rookie.

Even though I park the cell phone in the cabin safe for the duration of the cruise, except for certain ports of call, there is still plenty of need for prime outlet time. Ladies, I'm not referring to shopping when I mention the phrase outlet time. I'm simply referring to the time needed to recharge the many electronic devices that we are all accustomed to using on vacation.

In addition to the occasional recharge of our the cell phone, we have other things that require charging during our cruise. You have the infamous tablet that one uses for either playing a game or reading a book while you relax on your balcony, by the pool, ashore on the beach or that semi-secluded place that you managed to locate onboard. There are other devices that require recharge time as well, like cameras, portable music devices, Bluetooth listening devices and replacement batteries for all mentioned items.

Let's not forget other things that require electrical power while these things are charging. Things like hair dryers, clocks (yes some folks take clocks so as not to miss an onshore excursion), radios, music players and speakers just to mention a few.

Other than the outlet(s) in the bathroom, your have one, perhaps two but rarely three outlets per stateroom. This is not nearly enough outlets (power, not shopping, ladies...stay with me here) for two folks, let alone if you are traveling with a teen or two.

So, I pack a power strip with 4 or 5 places to plug in devices. It's a power strip that is either new or perhaps a year or two old and I rotate charging items as required so that everything either has power when called upon or is fulled charged as needed. Bottom line, they were always an agency rated strip with a circuit breaker included and in safe working condition.

I've never had an issue with packing them in my suitcase. A close friend of mine returned from a cruise on one of the largest cruise ships in that company's fleet and they confiscated his power strip. A piece of his luggage did not show up at his cabin door the night of his embarkation. He asked about it and had to go down below normal guest decks to retrieve his luggage. He was asked to open his bag to remove it. When he pulled out the strip, he was instructed to hand it over. Get this, they took the power strip, but left a three outlet extension cord which is far less safe than the power strip.

The cruise line provided a check tag so that he could pick up his power strip from a huge pile of them at the end of the cruise. When he went to do so, he located his power strip, but there was no tag on the power strip. They made him show his passport so that he could walk away with his power strip. #shakemyhead He noted that there was a lady there picking up her power strip, but also picking up a full size iron (not a travel iron) that was confiscated. Now that one, I understand.

Has this happened to you? What have you had confiscated either as you board or after your boarded? #whatisnext

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HDTV Cruise Port Cams Provide Cruise Fix ~ Update

Web Cameras Stream Live Ship Arrivals & Departures Daily

Update to this blog entry; more cameras, upgrades and extras added.

A fourth location was added at Port Miami. This camera provides views of cruise ships and terminal traffic inbound and outbound at Port Miami from a relatively high view point.

A camera was also added to gain a unique view of Port Everglades high near the top of the Hyatt Marina Hotel, and is labeled Fort Lauderdale. From this camera, all ships in port can be viewed. Fort Lauderdale airport, Fort Lauderdale skyline and the Miami skyline can also be seen at times.

The Hyatt Marina Hotel also has a bonus camera where a Panoramic view of Fort Lauderdale to the North of the port may be viewed. The link is found at the lower right of the Fort Lauderdale camera view labeled "North East Cam". There is no direct link for this camera, but when you click the link, you will be switched to that camera.

Several upgrades to most locations have been made since my original post. Some noticeable and others perhaps not. Things like better cameras or better weather covers, both providing clearer views.

Sound was added to Port Canaveral which makes sail-away there even more enjoyable. Do you know what a Disney ship horn sounds like? Check it out sometime. You will especially enjoy it if you're a Disney fan. Kids will find it delightful! They will probably want to watch every sail-away at Port Canaveral.

If you follow Port Fever or one of the camera location on Facebook, the scheduled departure for all ports is usually posted.

Marine traffic was added to the New York cam. Speaking of the New York cam, have you seen the statue of Liberty on this cam as ships sail past? How about the Freedom Tower at night, nestled in the lights of the New York skyline?

Enjoy the cams!

Original Post

New York at Night; a capture from PTZtv live streaming New York Harbor Webcam.

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HDTV Cruise Port Cams Provide Cruise Fix

Web Cameras Stream Live Ship Arrivals & Departures Daily

You've returned from that memorable cruise and you're already counting down the days until your next one. However, it's quite some time until that next sail-away. You already miss the feel and smell of the salty air. Missed is the view of salt water and the big ships. You're asking yourself, will I ever see that wonderful ship we were on? I NEED A CRUISE FIX!

If you haven't made the discovery on your own, there is now a place on the web where you are able to view all ship traffic coming and going, 24 hours each and every day. There are currently three port areas where a HDTV video is streamed to your computer or internet device. The cameras show a clear view of marine traffic coming into and departing from the port area. Cruise ships docked here are viewed throughout the day. The camera will follow cruise ships and others as they arrive and follow them out of the port as they sail away. Your cruise fix is now just a few clicks away.

The three locations are Port Canaveral, Port Everglades and New York Harbor.

Port Canaveral is home to most of the Disney cruise ships and provide for great cruise ship viewing while in port. Dolphins and manatees are seen here from time to time. The HDTV cam is located at a favorite inlet restaurant where one can sit and enjoy the same view while having a great meal and beverage, should they be in the area.

Port Everglades, my personal favorite, is probably the busiest during peak cruise ship season on the East coast. I've seen as many as seven cruise ships docked on the heaviest days. For true cruise enthusiasts, live sound is available during sail-away. The cam follows the cruise ships as they leave port and the cruise ship horn is quite audible upon departure of the inlet. During the non sail away times, Port Authority and Coast Guard radio traffic is heard. Ships and boats of all types and sizes move about this port daily.

NY Harbor is the newest of the three cams. Visible at times are Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and the NY skyline. Quite a few ships, yachts, sailboats and boats of all sizes come and go throughout the day. One of the best features of this cam is that a cruise ship arrival or sail away covers around six miles. Sail away is followed the entire time, from the time they depart dockside until they pass under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

Watch for information of a fourth camera coming our way at Port Miami. The link will take you to their Facebook page. Click the "Like" button and you will be provided with updates.

From the HDTV cam sites, other information is available. Below the streaming cam area, you will find a Google satellite view of the respective port area, with the ship location of those traveling and docked in the port area, supplied by MarineTraffic.com. Place your cursor over the color coded icon and the ship name will appear. Click on the icon and descriptive information and perhaps a photo of the vessel will appear. Around the edges of both discussed areas are links to things like cruise ship cams, port maps, cruise schedules and port schedules. I'll let you discover them and explore for yourself.

Before your cruise departs on that wonderful sail away from one of these ports, check to see if you can request-a-wave. Coordinate a close up of you, or you and your group, as you are leaving port. You may even want to purchase a photo of that memorable wave. When you arrive back home, you can get back online and do that as well. You don't like having your photo taken, but you would like to have a photo of your ship as it departed that day? Well, you can do that, too. There are links to help you with the memories that you would like to document. See the links for InletPhotos.com and PortFever.com.

The place to watch when you can't be there.

Enjoy your cruise fix. I do daily.


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Tough Economy ~ Tough Times

Make Job Search a Positive Experience

In this tough economy, one doesn't have to look far to find someone who has been down sized. With their job position eliminated, they suddenly find themselves looking for a place that will provide financial security. A place that will appreciate their experience and utilize their skill set. In fact, everyone that reads this blog, either has a close friend, family member or relative that has lost their job, or has a neighbor or someone that they know, who has someone close to them in that position.

The majority of jobs landed in today's economy are landed by a connection. Either somebody knows somebody, or somebody knows somebody that knows somebody. Networking is today's means of landing that special job. This puts a positive spin on the act of Job Search. Networking has you remembering people and organizations that you've come in contact with over the years. Some are people that you have lost contact with, some since early childhood. As you are forced to turn back to the basics in life, you realize a few things. You realize that you can live without certain things that you just thought that you absolutely couldn't live without. At the same time, you find that you are reaching out to people that you haven't had contact with in many years.

Whether you currently have a job or are in job search, you should be networking with everyone you know. Strengthen those relationships, new and old. Make an attempt to connect to those that have been lost over time.

People are connecting through blogs and sites like Facebook. But, a web site that connects people professionally, that I personally recommend, is LinkedIn. http://www.linkedin.com/home?trk=hb_home This site, if you are not already familiar with it, was designed by the same folks that set up PayPal. They are very sensitive to security.

As a suggestion, keep your blogs and Facebook type connections for your private connections and use LinkedIn professionally.

Connecting with someone might just land that job that you want or it could really help land a job for someone that you know. It could also get you in the door of a company not currently hiring, or perhaps get you the job that you've always wanted. If you are currently in job search, think about what you really want to be when you grow up. Go for it. Now would be a good time to think about scheduling a little additional training if you are not already qualified for that job. Look around you. There are lots of resources that are providing free training or training and instructional sessions at minimal cost. Turn this uncomfortable turn of events into a positive experience.

I know this because I'm currently in job search. I encourage you to be LinkedIn. Once I land a job, I'll be back with additional travel information and with a little more regularity.

Remember this: When a door closes, God will open another one for you. If you are not the one in job search, you might just be the one that He needs to open that door for someone.

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