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HDTV Cam Update

Big Changes Since My Last Update

There have been quite a few cameras added since my last update. Camera upgrades at some locations have been completed and not only ship tracker added to each site, but option of air traffic tracker on a few.

By the way, HDTV is actually PTZtv. If there is an activity in the area of the cam, these folks will zero in on it when they aren't watching ships or aircraft coming or going. Things like parades, concerts, fireworks and weather events. Speaking of weather events, you will see these cams used by The Weather Channel from time to time.

Rather than go into lengthy discussions about each camera, I'll just provide you a current list. You can click on the links from here to view them. You will want to check them all out, but you will definitely find Maho Beach entertaining. Enjoy them!

Cruise Ports
Port New York
New York Harbor
Port Bermuda
Port Canaveral
Port Tampa
Port Everglades
Hyatt Pier Sixty-Six SW
Hyatt Pier Sixty-Six SE
Port of Miami
Key West Harbor
Port Nassau
Port St. Maarten
Port Aruba

Atlantic City
Pompano Beach
Marriott FLL Beach
Hillton FLL Beach
MAHO Beach SXM ~ St. Maarten (You'll enjoy this airport and low flying aircraft over the beach)

Other Cams
New Jersey Wildlife
Morgan Hill ~ California
Kitty Cat Cam

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Paradise Beach

In my travels, I’ve found quite a few splendiferous beaches. Beaches where I did not want to depart from and several I just have to return to. There are even some I would consider calling paradise. A beach that I’ve recently visited is actually named Paradise Beach and is located on the island of Cozumel, Mexico.


Just a short taxi ride from the cruise port on Cozumel, our group of seven was soon lounging beachside. The whispering palms overhead created ample protection from the soon to be hot sun.


After we made our mid-morning claim on our beach-side lounge chair, we were promptly visited by a very efficient server where we were charged $12.00 per person. Two dollars was for the daily chair rental and the balance was to be applied to a food & bar credit. The fee for relaxation was no problem as we soon ordered an iced down bucket of Sol beer, nachos and quesadillas.


There were a plethora of beach toys available, but we felt more like lounging than playing. It’s a beautiful area to relax, complete with a huge pool and a full service bar nearby. One can even lounge on a chair at pools edge where the pool water covers the chair bottom, lending to a cool lounging spot in the sun.


At beach-side, you will find a cool, shaded tiki hut bar. I sat at the bar sipping a great tasting frozen rum mango beverage. I attempted to strike up a conversation with a couple of resident macaws. I’m uncertain if it was what I said, or perhaps the language barrier, but they were unwilling to share Paradise Beach secrets with me.


Beyond this bar, one can stroll through a well manicured grassy area surrounded by palm trees, flowers and vegetation indigenous to the area.


Even with a bit of coral in the Caribbean waters between Cozumel and the Yucatan Peninsula, we had a great time lounging there in the warm, calm water.
It was early April and we had the place pretty much to ourselves even up until we left mid afternoon. With the gorgeous view, the efficient wait staff, the fantastic amenities all for reasonable prices, it’s agreed, not only was this a relaxing day well spent, we all felt that it was a Paradise Beach.

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HDTV Cruise Port Cams Provide Cruise Fix ~ Update

Web Cameras Stream Live Ship Arrivals & Departures Daily

Update to this blog entry; more cameras, upgrades and extras added.

A fourth location was added at Port Miami. This camera provides views of cruise ships and terminal traffic inbound and outbound at Port Miami from a relatively high view point.

A camera was also added to gain a unique view of Port Everglades high near the top of the Hyatt Marina Hotel, and is labeled Fort Lauderdale. From this camera, all ships in port can be viewed. Fort Lauderdale airport, Fort Lauderdale skyline and the Miami skyline can also be seen at times.

The Hyatt Marina Hotel also has a bonus camera where a Panoramic view of Fort Lauderdale to the North of the port may be viewed. The link is found at the lower right of the Fort Lauderdale camera view labeled "North East Cam". There is no direct link for this camera, but when you click the link, you will be switched to that camera.

Several upgrades to most locations have been made since my original post. Some noticeable and others perhaps not. Things like better cameras or better weather covers, both providing clearer views.

Sound was added to Port Canaveral which makes sail-away there even more enjoyable. Do you know what a Disney ship horn sounds like? Check it out sometime. You will especially enjoy it if you're a Disney fan. Kids will find it delightful! They will probably want to watch every sail-away at Port Canaveral.

If you follow Port Fever or one of the camera location on Facebook, the scheduled departure for all ports is usually posted.

Marine traffic was added to the New York cam. Speaking of the New York cam, have you seen the statue of Liberty on this cam as ships sail past? How about the Freedom Tower at night, nestled in the lights of the New York skyline?

Enjoy the cams!

Original Post

New York at Night; a capture from PTZtv live streaming New York Harbor Webcam.

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Why Is A Cruise Vacation Better Than A Land Vacation?

CRUISE FACT: Cruises give travelers the convenience of packing and unpacking once, the comfort of a “home away from home” for the duration of the trip, but also the opportunity to visit a multitude of destinations on one vacation.

When I recently looked at planning a trip to Italy with a group of friends, we discovered that a cruise in the Mediterranean was not only the most cost effective way to see Italy, but it was the most time effective.

Through our time study while planning, it didn't take us long to realize that while cruising the Mediterranean, traveling from port-of-call to port-of-call, our floating hotel traveled while we slept.

In twelve days, of our cruise, we were able to visit a majority of the popular coastal cities of Italy. We left from and returned to Civitavecchia. Italy. We were able to visit Naples, Pompeii, Positano and ride along the Almafi coast, two days in Venice (overnight there was a treat), Livorno, Pisa, Florence, Rome & Vatican City on the mainland. On Sicily, we were able to visit Messina, Syracuse, Tiromina and the volcano Mt. Aetna.

Then, there were bonus cities in countries that we hadn't planned, nor would we have seen if we would not have opted for the cruise as a way to visit Italy. We visited Dubrovinik in Croatia. What a lovely country and the people were marvelous. Barcelona, Spain found us grabbing a taxi and toured the entire city. While stopping at Cannes, France, we were able to visit the area of the film festival. From there, we visited Nice & the ancient walled city of Eze in France and the country of Monaco.

We even had three entire days at sea to relax on this cruise to enjoy our ship and regroup from the hurried tour pace that we had planned.

Although most of us were fairly comfortable visiting a foreign country, it was still nice to come back to our safe haven. Our "home away from home."

With all of the places that we visited, our luggage had gained a good bit of weight. But then, because of the good food available around the clock, so did we.

Enjoy you cruise!

Oh and for your excursion planning, contact us R&R Xcursions (rrxcursions.com). We can hook you up with a wonderful person to book your cruise as well.

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HDTV Cruise Port Cams Provide Cruise Fix

Web Cameras Stream Live Ship Arrivals & Departures Daily

You've returned from that memorable cruise and you're already counting down the days until your next one. However, it's quite some time until that next sail-away. You already miss the feel and smell of the salty air. Missed is the view of salt water and the big ships. You're asking yourself, will I ever see that wonderful ship we were on? I NEED A CRUISE FIX!

If you haven't made the discovery on your own, there is now a place on the web where you are able to view all ship traffic coming and going, 24 hours each and every day. There are currently three port areas where a HDTV video is streamed to your computer or internet device. The cameras show a clear view of marine traffic coming into and departing from the port area. Cruise ships docked here are viewed throughout the day. The camera will follow cruise ships and others as they arrive and follow them out of the port as they sail away. Your cruise fix is now just a few clicks away.

The three locations are Port Canaveral, Port Everglades and New York Harbor.

Port Canaveral is home to most of the Disney cruise ships and provide for great cruise ship viewing while in port. Dolphins and manatees are seen here from time to time. The HDTV cam is located at a favorite inlet restaurant where one can sit and enjoy the same view while having a great meal and beverage, should they be in the area.

Port Everglades, my personal favorite, is probably the busiest during peak cruise ship season on the East coast. I've seen as many as seven cruise ships docked on the heaviest days. For true cruise enthusiasts, live sound is available during sail-away. The cam follows the cruise ships as they leave port and the cruise ship horn is quite audible upon departure of the inlet. During the non sail away times, Port Authority and Coast Guard radio traffic is heard. Ships and boats of all types and sizes move about this port daily.

NY Harbor is the newest of the three cams. Visible at times are Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and the NY skyline. Quite a few ships, yachts, sailboats and boats of all sizes come and go throughout the day. One of the best features of this cam is that a cruise ship arrival or sail away covers around six miles. Sail away is followed the entire time, from the time they depart dockside until they pass under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

Watch for information of a fourth camera coming our way at Port Miami. The link will take you to their Facebook page. Click the "Like" button and you will be provided with updates.

From the HDTV cam sites, other information is available. Below the streaming cam area, you will find a Google satellite view of the respective port area, with the ship location of those traveling and docked in the port area, supplied by MarineTraffic.com. Place your cursor over the color coded icon and the ship name will appear. Click on the icon and descriptive information and perhaps a photo of the vessel will appear. Around the edges of both discussed areas are links to things like cruise ship cams, port maps, cruise schedules and port schedules. I'll let you discover them and explore for yourself.

Before your cruise departs on that wonderful sail away from one of these ports, check to see if you can request-a-wave. Coordinate a close up of you, or you and your group, as you are leaving port. You may even want to purchase a photo of that memorable wave. When you arrive back home, you can get back online and do that as well. You don't like having your photo taken, but you would like to have a photo of your ship as it departed that day? Well, you can do that, too. There are links to help you with the memories that you would like to document. See the links for InletPhotos.com and PortFever.com.

The place to watch when you can't be there.

Enjoy your cruise fix. I do daily.


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R & R Xcursions

Sorry, bad timing with a poor, depressed economy coupled with job loss, R&R Xcursions barely got off the ground. The service is no longer available.

Funding to make a proper launch was the largest hurdle and is what now stands in our way.

Great concept, bad timing.

We greatly appreciate those of you who gave us a try. From the feedback that we received only confirmed that we were heading in the right direction.

For those of you that have a travel question or need help in booking travel, drop us an email; info.rrxcursions@gmail.com

Thanks again for the support. Perhaps one day we will return.



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