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You Can Make A Difference As You Travel 20.08.2016
Thanks for Listening to Tropical Waves Radio 16.05.2016
Cruise Ship Personnel Took His Power Strip? 18.04.2016
HDTV Cam Update 26.03.2016
SS Norway 26.03.2016
Paradise Beach 25.05.2014
HDTV Cruise Port Cams Provide Cruise Fix ~ Update 20.01.2013
Why Do I Love Cruising? 28.09.2011
Travel Smart: More Americans go on cruises 11.09.2011
What, Me Exercise? 01.08.2011
HDTV Cruise Port Cams Provide Cruise Fix 17.07.2011
R & R Xcursions 05.07.2011
Tough Economy ~ Tough Times 15.03.2009
Perhaps Your Ship Has Come In 19.11.2008
The Captain's Photo Xpressions 23.09.2008
'Scuze! 07.09.2008
Introduction Blog 26.08.2008